Shera Kelly is a singer-songwriter living in Kelowna, Canada. Her musical creations range from jazzy to Celtic-influenced to soul-bearing to laugh-out-loud funny. Her versatile voice has been described as both powerful and serene.


Shera’s musical journey began at birth, as her name literally translates as song or poem in Hebrew. Childhood car rides, in her home town of Armstrong, were spent firing off rhymes from the back seat, and composing songs for her cats. Her flare for songwriting blossomed in her mid-twenties when she unearthed a long-buried guitar at her parents' home.


Flash forward—After graduating from Selkirk College, a Berklee sister-school, for vocal performance, Shera received both a Colombia Basin touring grant and a FACTOR demo grant. This led her to Vancouver to write, perform, record music and teach voice. She formed a band and worked with producer Winston Hauschild to release her first independent recording, A Bicycle Commuters Anthem. As its theme was sustainable transportation, a portion of the profits from the EP's debut live performance was donated to HUB, a cycling coalition in Vancouver. The recording was warmly received by audiences and critics, receiving airplay on commercial, independent and public radio across Canada.


Following her CD release, Shera participated in the Wheely Slow Cooking Tour, a national awareness campaign on local sustainable agriculture. Shera and fellow musician Julia Spitale performed at farms across the country, where they and filmmaker Jessica Gates posed the question, "Where do Canadians get their food?”. Concerts and accompanying interviews were filmed, and the project resulted in multiple public speaking engagements, CBC radio interviews and musical performances in schools, culminating with a show at the Vogue Theatre in Vancouver.


More recently, Shera has performed in venues ranging from festivals to remote cabins, to a cross-Canada train. She is currently writing new songs and teaching both singing and guitar. She is looking forward to spending this summer teaching online lessons and recording some newly penned tunes.


PRESS for A Bicycle Commuters Anthem 


“Not only is it funny and imaginative but charming and endearing. That’s a difficult balancing act. Production...is sympathetic to Kelly...who establishes herself as a gifted songwriter to watch.”- Tom Harrison, The Province


“Her sweet voice soars, like Sarah McLaughlin without the irritation. Combined with intriguing melodies and creative tunes, it’s the ticket to acoustic wonderland.”- Lauren Eldridge, live review for the Backstage Lounge, Vancouver, BC


“As a twenty-first century alternative to Joni Mitchell’s 'Big Yellow Taxi', 'A Bicycle Commuters Anthem' is clearly the funnest song from the album. Whether commenting on the struggles between car drivers and bike riders, climate change, or the clothes you have to wear…Kelly has certainly written a wonderful anthem for our time.”- Laura Stanley, GreyPoint Owl Online 


“Quite fittingly, the real diamond here is the title track, a Dixieland-jazz-indebted, too-cute ode to two-wheeling where Kelly dreams of a world in which 'Lululemon makes a bicycle suit/All our asses will look hot as we commute.' Someone make that a reality and I’ll be the first to give up the keys to my car.”- Mike Usinger, Georgia Straight